“If you’ve ever watched someone blow glass, then you’ll know it’s a mesmerizing process that can result in one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Whether a large sculptural piece is being made, or a simple tumbler, glassblowing is an interesting and unique art form. A perfectly choreographed dance that takes 2100-degree molten glass and transforms it… The glassblower gathers the honey-like liquid out of a furnace, on the end of a five-foot-long pipe. Using a variety of wood and steel tools to manipulate the glass, and their breath to inflate it, almost any form can be created. Color can be added to the glass using densely colored glass chips, powders, and rods of glass. When the piece is finished, it’s placed in a hot kiln, and slowly brought down to room temperature, a process known as annealing.” – Erika Parkin

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Kiln Casting Series by Tom PhilabaumKiln Casting Series by Tom Philabaum