Growing up in Pennsylvania, Mark Leputa always found great pride and satisfaction in creating with his hands. As a University of Pittsburgh graduate, Mark felt his imagination burning within. In 2004, during a backpacking trip to New Zealand, Mark finally found his artistic passion when he discovered the medium of glass.
The heat, fire, and seemingly liquid state of the material entranced him. The short New Zealand holiday turned into a three-year apprenticeship as he began to develop a body of work. Returning to the United States, Mark began working for Orbix Hot Glass, assisting owner and mentor Cal Breed (Alabama, 2007-2020). This period was an opportunity to hone his craft, allowing for tremendous artistic growth. Seeking further knowledge, Leputa would make the pilgrimage to the major glass schools,
including the Pilchuck Glass School – where as fate would have it, he met his future wife, Melanie Long. Leputa now calls Tucson, AZ home.