Melanie Long is an artist and educator hailing from Calgary, Alberta. She earned a Bachelor of Art from the Alberta College of Art and Design and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Calgary. Over the years, Melanie has studied glass techniques around the world, including the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia, Pilchuck Glass School in Washington State, Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina, and the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia.
Recently moving to Tucson, Arizona, Melanie is using her new location as inspiration to settle into a rhythm of creation. Her work showcases themes of change, resilience, and her concerns over conservation, climate change, and habitat destruction. Melanie’s recent artworks are a response to these pressing issues. Through her art, she hopes to raise awareness and inspire people to take action in protecting our planet’s precious resources. Her works are infused with narrative elements, and she loves creating anthropomorphic sculptures that give voice to the voiceless. Melanie believes that art is a powerful tool to inspire change and create a more sustainable world for future generations.