Kaeko Maehata has had a strong artistic instinct since she was a child. She started out drawing and creating with her hands, and continued to develop professionally as an artist at Kanazawa Art College in her native country of Japan.

The artist has experience painting, sculpting, sawing, weaving, beading, and much, much more. There is one art form, however, keeps Kaeko continuously captivated- glass. Kaeko has called herself a glass artist since 1992. “Glass is still a very exciting medium for me. I can discover something new every day with glass!” the artist shared. Kaeko’s glass work includes beaded glass, fused glass, and blown glass. A variety of colors are included in these pieces, ensuring that each individual work of art is innately unique.

The artist blows her glass by hand every single day at her studio in Augusta, Missouri. She lives in this small town with her husband, Sam Stang, who is also a glass artist. Together, Kaeko and Sam create gorgeous, functional pieces, including vases, bowls, plates, glasses, and more. When asked what she hopes viewers feel when experiencing her glass work, Kaeko said “A little happy feeling from beautiful handmade objects for daily life.”