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4″h x 3″w x 2″d
Unique Kiln Cast Glass

“I have been working with glass as a studio artist since 1986. My involvement with this unique material has always been inspired by how glass, light and color interact. In creating glass sculpture I want to use the inherent property of the material to transmit light as a way to express a feeling of spirituality. I have found inspiration in looking at the artifacts from many different cultures that are able to convey a sense of mystery about mankind’s existence through time. I use images of totems and boats and figures in my work to explore ideas about the cycle of life and death. I try to create archetypical images which are not culturally specific. In working with these images I am seeking a way to combine ancient forms and my own life experiences. I want my work to maintain a connection to the past and at the same time reflect a sense of the immediacy of the moment when glass, light and color interact.” -Mark Abildgaard

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