$ 1,300.00

13.25″h x 8″w x 3.5″d
Unique blown, carved & sandblasted glass vase by Santa Fe, NM artist Steffen Plistermann.

After more than 25 years as a painter and sculptor, Plistermann now blows and sculpts glass in Santa Fe, NM. A life long fascination with organic colors, textures and shapes found the perfect outlet in glass. “Between heat, gravity, and centrifugal force, glass takes on a life of its own and as the artist, I end up collaborating with the material, rather than trying to dictate an outcome. I am approaching color from a painter’s viewpoint. However, colored glass does not blend and mix in the way that oils or acrylics do. Through a lot of experimentation, I developed a process based on colored glass that has been ground to a powder size. Layering these powders and heating and cooling them in specific ways allows me to create these unique, distinctive finishes. “

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