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5″h x 9″w x 5″d
Unique Cast Glass

“I have started working on a new series of cast glass vessels which are made using lost wax casting techniques.  These pieces are individually formed using wet clay as a one time mold for the wax.  The result of this process is that each casting becomes a unique creation.  I am interested in contrasting organic forms found in nature with man made vessel shapes.  In this series I have been able to explore the structure of a vessel form by contrasting the interior and exterior surfaces.  In working on textures in the wax I use a variety of natural materials including wood and stone to create surfaces that have an organic feel.  In the finished castings the luminous quality of the glass can reveal the previously unseen intricate patterns left from the wax forms.  The casting process also allows the colored glass to flow much like a wash in a watercolor painting.  This quality of transparent color is what inspired me to want to work with glass. I want to see how I can develop the sculptural aspects of a vessel with this process.  I feel that this series of vessels has given me an opportunity to use cast glass in a new way for bringing beauty into the world.” – Mark Abildgaard


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