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4″h x 11″w x 9.5″d
There is an incredible amount of detail in each of these unique fused glass murrini bowls by Portland, OR artist Joseph Enszo.

Joseph Enszo holds a Bachelor of Fine Art with an emphasis in Ceramics. He has worked and studied in the ceramics and glass disciplines for 20 years. His stunning Nido wall & pedestal bowls begin with elements of traditional Italian glass- murrini. Murrini are slices of handmade colored canes, or rods, of glass. However, the process by which these elements have traditionally been made has been completely re-engineered. The new techniques result in unique, refined effects, as well as a large reduction of energy use. The elements are then laid out and fused- some parts of the final piece will have gone through up to 6 -7 firings in addition to off-hand glassblowing manipulation with a furnace and torch. Enszo Studio’s innovation extends to their dedication to reducing their impact on the environment. They have developed new processes and proprietary equipment that saves over 90% energy compared with the traditional methods used in other studios. They use the smallest and most efficient equipment necessary for the task at hand.
“My aesthetic is a unique intersection of three components: Italian decorativeness, Eastern simplicity, and a reference to natural science.” -Joseph Enszo

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