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4″h x 11″w x 9.5″d
Fused Glass Murrini. This bowl is composed of many tiny glass murrini fused together. You can feel the incredible texture, and there are little spaces remaining between the glass murrini.
There is an incredible amount of detail in each of these unique fused glass murrini bowls by Portland, OR artist Joseph Enszo.

Joseph Enszo holds a Bachelor of Fine Art with an emphasis in Ceramics. He has worked and studied in the ceramics and glass disciplines for 20 years. His stunning Nido wall & pedestal bowls begin with elements of traditional Italian glass- murrini. Murrini are slices of handmade colored canes, or rods, of glass. However, the process by which these elements have traditionally been made has been completely re-engineered. The new techniques result in unique, refined effects, as well as a large reduction of energy use. The elements are then laid out and fused- some parts of the final piece will have gone through up to 6 -7 firings in addition to off-hand glassblowing manipulation with a furnace and torch. Enszo Studio’s innovation extends to their dedication to reducing their impact on the environment. They have developed new processes and proprietary equipment that saves over 90% energy compared with the traditional methods used in other studios. They use the smallest and most efficient equipment necessary for the task at hand.
“My aesthetic is a unique intersection of three components: Italian decorativeness, Eastern simplicity, and a reference to natural science.” -Joseph Enszo

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