$ 2,300.00

26″h x 11″w x 11″d

Incredible blown reticello grand vase. There is a tiny air bubble trapped in every ‘diamond’ of glass – truly remarkable! Kenny Pieper creates his blown glass art in North Carolina working with traditional Italian techniques.

Reticello is the Italian name for a specific pattern in the technique of cane working.  Cane or “Canne,” as the Italians call it are glass rods about the thickness of a pencil.  They can be clear or colored, the cane can also be bundled or overlayed.  Throughout the years, glassblowers have created elaborate results by working color glass rods into a variety of patterns. Just as there are different names for different shapes of pasta, every pattern in cane has its own name.  In Reticello, color rods are picked up, twisted in one direction, and blown into the form of a cup.  The cup is tapped off the blowpipe and set into a pre-heated oven.  Then, a second cup is made in the same fashion.  However, for the second cup, the rods are twisted in the direction opposite of the first cup, then dropped in and blown inside the first cup.  If the cups are worked cold enough the grooves between each rod of cane are retained.  These grooves cause small air pockets to be trapped when the two cups come together.  This is what creates bubbles to appear in a regular pattern between the crisscrossing lines of cane.  The form is then blown and shaped into a beautiful Reticello vessel.


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