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10″h x 7″w x 4.5″d
Unique blown, hot sculpted & acid-etched glass sculpture inspired by rock cairns. Beautiful and dynamic handmade glass art.

“My work with blown glass began in 1980 after a series of classes at Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, WA where I fell in love with the material. Drawn to its fluidity, its ability to hold light and color with endless possibilities of form as well as the physical aspects of the work itself, my exploration of glass began. Following study at Rochester Institute of Technology I was awarded a fellowship at The Creative Glass Center of America in Millville, NJ, which allowed more in-depth focus and launched my career in glass. I currently live and work surrounded by The Green Mountains of Vermont. Nature as experienced during my travels in Japan as well as at home have been a strong inspiration for my designs in glass. The current series of blown glass rock totems called Cairns has been a focus in my work for the past twenty years. The blown and solid glass stone forms are sculpted hot and joined together in the flame. I find this work to be grounding and peaceful. The centuries of history of man-made rock piles across the globe suggests a deep significance to this activity. Each of my glass compositions represents a moment in time when the elements are in balance and is symbolic of the delicately balanced relationship between humans and nature.” – Melanie Leppla

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