Erika Parkin was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario.  As a young adult, she studied silversmithing through an informal apprenticeship with her father, artist Michael Parkin.  After high school she worked for several years as a jeweler and designer, working closely with a core of dedicated clientele.  Erika became interested in glass through bead making and became a self-taught flame worker, which led to her formal education in glass.  After graduating from the glass program at Sheridan College in 2002, she moved to Tucson, Arizona to begin her professional career in glass. Erika has worked alongside Tom Philabaum in his Tucson studio for over a decade.  Clearly inspired by her surroundings and the wonder that is nature, Erika’s current series explores varied landscapes created in syrupy, rich layers of colored glass.

“Glass is the window that allows me to work with intent as well as improvisation and intuition.  Through my work, I hope to delve more deeply into my own personal history.  I strive for a kind of beauty that comes only through creating objects that speak clearly and honestly to their viewers.”
– Erika Parkin

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