“If you have ever driven down 6th Avenue, chances are you have noticed a unique and shiny metal sculpture in our front yard. “Vertical Wing with Doorway” by Konried Muench has stood proud on the avenue since 1989. Lovingly nicknamed ‘the wing” or “the high heel boot” by some visitors, it actually isn’t a wing – or a boot! The 16 ft tall sculpture is the vertical stabilizer from a C-130 transport plane. Muench was a graduate student in sculpture at the University of Arizona when he created this piece with a polished exterior and interactive walk-through doorway. Traffic was stopped on 6th Avenue for hours as a crane placed this grand sculpture in place. Originally intended to be on display for 8 – 12 months, this beauty has earned its spot as one of Tucson’s most unique works of public art.”
-Alison Harvey – Owner, Philabaum Glass Gallery

Vertical Wing with Doorway

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